House Rules Agreement

By booking the Whitehead you agree to these rules.

* A Short Term Rental Agreement must be read, agreed to and filled out in full to confirm booking. Correct number of guests must be listed.

*Provide a cell number (if not already provided) that you can be reached at during stay.

*You have communicated the number of people that will be accessing the home and will/have share with them the house rules.

*NOTE: Check in time is 4:00 PM, Check Out is 10:00 AM. If a change is needed contact owner a week in advance, if possible changes can be made.

* This is a no animals, sub-letting, no smoking area/home. No illegal substances are allowed on the property.

*Guests are expected to treat home and neighborhood with respect.

*Ladies, please use the black make-up cloth provided. Do not use white bath toweling for makeup removal or cleaning. Rags are provided under kitchen sink and in the laundry room.

*Upstairs is carpeted keep shoes/drinks to minimum & no food. If hiking/biking etc. take dirty shoes off outside and store in foyer bathroom.

* Turn off extra air/heating unit in room 6 off when leaving room and/or end of stay.

*Keep the wifi/cable inlet in Room #6 plugged in. You will lose all internet and cable.

*Do Not move furniture, decor, or decor pillow from rooms, If moved ALL should be moved back before departure.

*Absolutely no jumping on beds, couches or other furniture OR drawing on furniture, walls, etc.. We love having children in the home but ask that you have them be respectful of the property. Please clean up after them.

*If games and toys are used we ask that toys be put back in the toy box and games put back together/stored in original place And/Or your children enjoyed the Kids Nooks, items (books, crayons, pencils, chalk etc) need to be returned to their home and marks on walls, table, etc are wiped up. This is so the next guests will have them available and clean. (Keeps cleaning costs down)

*Do not move charging stations, remotes or Google routers. from their appointed rooms. Routers are placed in certain areas and positions to make your wifi reception the very best possible.

*DO NOT TOUCH PANEL in foyer. Alarm may be set off, causing police department to be alerted.

Please report if items are broken or missing. Especially if they are found that way when you arrive. We pride ourselves in having a clean, neat and working home for our guests.

Disclosure: St. George is a very safe area, however for disclosure and insurance purposes the home is monitored by Vivant Alarm Systems including safety cameras (installed on outside of the home, facing driveway).

DO NOT TOUCH VIVINT PANEL. Alarm can be set off and police dept will be notified and arrive in not deactivated by owner