Check Out Instructions

Upon Check out, please do the following:

**Place USED BATH TOWELING in tub/shower where they will not be stepped on.

** Put USED RAGS, and any Crib Sheet/Blankets in laundry room on top of washer.

** Leave USED BEDS UNMADE ; do not remove bed linens. Leave sofa sleeper pulled out.

**Place DIRTY DISHES in dishwasher and start .

** Take KITCHEN & ROOM GARBAGE to outside bins. If Check-out is on Monday or Tuesday; please take large garbage can to the curb. Garbage day is early Wednesday.


**REMOTE CONTROLS should be in appropriate rooms in box. (TV & air unit remotes).

**IF USED/GRILL, wipe up and cover.

**IF USED/RETURN OUTDOOR GAMES/BIKE ETC .to shed. MUST BE locked & code scrambled.

**IF USED/FOLDING TABLE & CHAIRS , if used return to dining room closet.

**IF MOVED, RETURN ALL furniture, deco pillows, blankets to original spot/room.

**If SIGNED INTO Netflix, Hulu etc., make sure you are logged off. We cannot be responsible for someone using your service

**Turn all LIGHTS OFF

** Don’t forget your personal items and your THANK YOU GIFT .

**CHECK & LOCK Outside Doors. (Dining room, Laundry, Front (push lock symbol) doors)

**CALL or TEXT management to notify that the property has been vacated.


**If CHILDCARE ITEMS are used (crib & pack n play included), please clean & return them to their storage spots. Put used pack n play/crib sheets on top of washer) **If GAMES & TOYS are used put toys back in the toy box & games put back together/stored in original place. **If KIDS NOOK IF USED, please clean up art items and books returned to kids nook. Wipe table, walls and other places that may have been accidentally drawn on.